In episode 19 of Cigar Sense Podcast, we propose you another sensory exercise that will help develop your palate. We’ll talk with a different perspective on how to differentiate aromas from tastes and tactile perceptions. You’ll also hear about the Sour-Bitter confusion, of which it is good to be aware.

The ingredients and directions for another sensory exercise:

Salty: dissolve 1 tbsp of plain table salt into 1 cup of water

Sweet: dissolve 1 tbsp of white sugar into 1 cup of water

Sour: dissolve ½ tbsp of citric acid into 1 cup of water. You can combine the juice of 1 lemon or 2 limes with ½ cup of water instead

Bitter: dissolve ½ tbsp of alum powder into 1 cup of water OR combine ¼ cup of water and ¼ cup of tonic water

019 : Another sensory exercise

If you listen to the episode you will have all the information you need on this exercise, which you can very easily do home. It is another step to help you identify and distinguish the various basic tastes. Enjoy it and let us know if it helped you!

Here is the link to the previous exercise on aromas.

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  • No thank you for including me Franca in this amazing club ! Thanks for the work you and your team do for the world of cigars ! It’s the best platform for connoisseurs and novices who just want to learn more ! So thank you !

  • I loved episode 19 ! The sensory training is amazing! Thank you again Franca for giving us these educational exercises! The virtual seminar I said before was amazing and look forward to the next one !

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