Episode 10 of Cigar Sense Podcast is dedicated to premium cigar advocacy and what it takes to protect our cigars.

Franca interviews Scott Pearce, Executive Director of the Premium Cigar Association, (PCA) which is the oldest and largest USA organization dedicated to advocating for premium tobacconists and hosts the world’s largest premium cigar trade show every year. The association was formerly known as IPCPR.

We discussed about:

  • Where PCA originates and the state of affairs
  • The strategic shift of expanding to a consumer base
  • The PCA educational remit
  • The FDA exception to deregulation efforts
  • The use of public money raised to “save smokers from themselves”
  • The inexistent correlation between the rigidity of bans and smoking rates
  • The social inclusiveness issue
  • The promising path toward achieving an intangible cultural heritage recognition

If you love them, protect them. The more we are, the stronger the fight will be.
Please join CigarAction to help protect premium cigars in the United States.


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