Consumers' trust in reviews and recommendations


Episode 9 of Cigar Sense Podcast is dedicated to consumers’ trust in reviews and recommendations.

Franca interviews David Wells, co-founder, vice president and CTO of Cigar Sense. He is a computer engineer and an experienced business consultant, currently coaching clients in the understanding and adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework. Thanks to his passionate proselytizing for Agility, our baby, Cigar Sense, is a great example of an agile business. David is Franca’s partner in business and in life.

The points included in this episode include:

  • The difference between a review and a recommendation
  • Why should consumers care about reviews and recommendations
  • What do consumers prioritize? “Good, fast or cheap”? Transparency? Reliability?
  • Do consumers rely more on sponsored publishers or on user generated content?
  • Taste affinity with reviewer or with professional tobacconist

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