Franca interviews Maya Selva on the intangible cultural heritage topic.

It’s a concern for all fine cigar lovers: premium cigars may disappear from the earth. In addition to being active in grassroots movements for our cigar rights, what can be done to protect our cigars?

What could be the impact on the premium cigar industry if our handcrafted agricultural products were recognized globally as an intangible cultural heritage to be protected?

Would that lead to a more clear definition and protected status for premium cigars, through the voice of the wealth of knowledge and skills that are transmitted from one generation to the other?

And would the social and economic value of this transmission of knowledge be more relevant to politicians?

Maya Selva, founder of Maya Selva Cigars, obtained the intangible cultural heritage recognition for the premium cigar in Honduras. Listen to her perspective.
You can learn more about Maya Selva at

Here is the link to an article that gives you more background information on the topic.


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