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– always smoking the same cigars because you are afraid to be disappointed

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every time you smoke a new cigar, it delights your senses
you always make confident, educated purchases
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We offer substantial discounts to members of Cigar Rights of America, the Italian Cigar Club Association (CCA) and readers of Live-In Style magazine.  Contact us at to receive your PROMOTIONAL CODE.

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Nikki Glenn - Missouri

Cigar Sense has really aided me in identifying key tastes and aromas so that I can FEEL MORE CONFIDENT about trying out new cigars KNOWING THAT I WILL ENJOY THEM.

Nikki Glenn Missouri (USA) 13 April 2015

Highly recommend - it will CHANGE YOUR WHOLE ATTITUDE, understanding, enjoyment of your cigar smoking experience.

Bill Ek Ashland, Oregon (USA) 28 March 2015


87% of cigar lovers state that “flavor” is the most important consideration in choosing a cigar.

If you agree, then Cigar Sense is for you.